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Mission Statement

St. Joseph and Mary, Queen of Peace Preschools are devoted to providing a quality early childhood program within a warm and caring Catholic community and the community at large. The environment is rich in materials that promote the spiritual, physical, creative, social, emotional and intellectual growth of young children. We foster a love of learning while developing kindergarten readiness skills. We value the uniqueness of each child and seek to teach an awareness of being loved by God.

Highlights of our Program

     ●  Offers structured, developmentally appropriate activities that include pre-
             reading, math readiness, science, social studies, art activities, music,
             nature, movement, and dramatic play

     ●  Develops Kindergarten readiness skills

     ●  Enhances self-esteem through allowing children to make choices

     ●  Respects child’s learning style

     ●  Builds self confidence by encouraging self-help skill development

     ●  Trained Professional Staff

     ●  Thematic, creative and play based curriculum

     ●  Balance of child directed and teacher directed activities

     ●  A variety of age-appropriate materials

     ●  Positive, warm interactions among teachers and children

     ●  Ongoing teacher/ parent communication

     ●  Respects cultural and religious diversity

     ●  Develops fine and large motor skills

     ●  Develops a love of God and sense of spirituality

     ●  Visibly integrates Gospel values throughout the class day

     ●  Follows NAEYC guidelines

     ●  All Families Welcome!


Special Features:

     ●  Spacious, child-centered classroom

     ●  Teacher Student Ratio
           Pre-3's - 2 to 15
           Pre-K's - 2 to 17

     ●  Encourages and welcomes parental involvement

     ●  Indoor and out play areas

     ●  Lunch bunch available for Pre-K students from 12:00 to 12:45 pm Mondays,
           Wednesdays and Fridays for an additional charge.