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In 1994, St. Joseph Parish began a preschool in response to parent demand for Catholic school education on the Eastside.  With each passing year, the parents' enthusiasm and support grew, and with the support of St Joseph Parish, so did the school.

With our main Issaquah campus building bursting at the seams and no space to be found locally, St. Joseph started to look further east for a property on which to expand.  It found the perfect fit in the former Mountain View School at the end of Southeast Newton Street in Snoqualmie.  

On Wednesday, September 4, 2002, the school opened its doors at the Snoqualmie Campus to 50 third through seventh grade students and added an eighth-grade class in the fall of 2003. In 2004, the Focus on Our Future Campaign was successful in raising money for the down payment of the Snoqualmie site and plans were drawn for the current expansion.

St. Joseph Parish School looks back on its history with pride and to its future with great enthusiasm. Today, the combined student population at both sites is 202 students.

Circa 1995: SJS Students visit construction site of Snoqualmie Campus

1996-1997: First-ever SJS Kindergarten Class

1997-1998: First Year with Uniforms

2000-2001: First Year with Grades 3-5

Fall 2001: First CYO Basketball Team (Grades 5&6)