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Primary (K-2nd)



Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Joseph Parish School! The SJS Kindergarten is a warm, nurturing environment that provides children with an opportunity to learn and practice the essential social, emotional, and problem-solving skills they will use throughout school (and life!).

As the teachers in Kindergarten, we put a strong focus on cooperation skills, foster the development of self-esteem, and strive to teach in a way that sparks and guides each child’s curiosity and natural love of learning. Our Catholic Faith is integrated into activities throughout the day.

As you walk into our Kindergarten classrooms you will find books, words, and student work displayed. Our goal is to cultivate a love of books, reading, and writing that will continue to grow throughout each students’ journey at SJS.

In Kindergarten we utilize play-based, hands-on learning, with investigations and projects that allow children to work both on their own and in small and large groups. Expanding each child’s ability to learn about (and from) the world to organize information and to solve problems increases their feelings of self-worth and confidence and their ability to work with others.

Kindergarten Curriculum

First Grade


Here at St. Joseph Parish School students come first and that is evident in each classroom every single day. In first grade, we use a medley of differentiated instruction strategies that are focused on the learner. At any given time, there is small group instruction, hands-on activities, brain breaks, and whole group instruction utilizing the Smart Board technology as well as opportunities for independent work. It is a time for students to develop routines and habits to become independent lifelong learners.

The first-grade team believes in providing a nurturing environment for all that is rooted in our Catholic values. Students will learn how to be a part of a social group, understand that mistakes are okay, and learn to put forth their best effort during the day. We see families as partners in their child’s learning. Along with reinforcing the growth mindset at home, parents support their students learning in various ways throughout the year.

First grade is a year of growth and change with an enthusiasm for learning and a love for Jesus.

First Grade Curriculum

Second Grade


Second grade at Saint Joseph Parish School is an uplifting and rigorous experience. Students grow together as a community in our second-grade classroom. There is a strong focus on teamwork, fellowship, and fostering a growth mindset. Through differentiated instruction, small groups, and 1:1 conferencing, all students have an opportunity to thrive. Second grade begins the crucial shift in learning to read to reading to learn. Students are encouraged to be more independent and learn how to advocate for themselves.

Our small class sizes allow each child the attention needed to foster their identities of being lifelong learners. In our classrooms, students work together to create learning and behavior expectations. We focus heavily on showing respect, acting responsibly, acting safely, and giving our best effort. In addition to academic subjects, students partake in a variety of specialist activities throughout the week. In 2nd grade, students prepare for the Sacraments of Penance and Eucharist. Students are encouraged to ask questions and continually grow in their faith.

To track student growth and provide appropriate support and challenges for every child, the MAP Growth assessments for reading, language usage, and math is given beginning in 2nd grade. To view our 2023-24 MAP Growth Assessment scores, click HERE.

Second Grade Curriculum